Kudon Engineering Services- Application Process

Kudon Engineering Services is constantly on the look out for talent and continuously adding to its current talent pool. Kudon Engineering Services modus operandi is curiosity, speed and accuracy. As part of our team we need individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a propensity to identify and solve problems. We are looking to partner up with soutionist thinkers with a sense of urgency and diligence when executing tasks. We believe in hiring slow and going through a long but diligent recruitment process that ensure that we are aligned with the right candidates that are fit for our culture and purpose. Our recruitment process is 5-part process as follows: (stages 1, 2 and 4 are compulsory whilst stages 2 & 5 will done depending on nature of position)

Stage 1

Sending the following Reason behind evaluation. How evaluation is done
CV CV is submitted to evaluate the candidate’s work experience and if their experience is the right fit for a KES position. The CV will be checked for ease to read through, understandability, and general aesthetics – this goes to show the level of excellence that the candidate holds themselves accountable to
Motivation Motivation Candidate states in not more than 300 words on why they want to work for KES and also why KES should hire them
Transcript School performance is a good gauge for a person’s determination to succeed as well as their ability and willingness to follow directions thus it is critical that the candidate should have completed their programme in the allocated time frame. Although not the most critical attribute, good grades are required
Video A 2 – 5minute video of the candidate answering the question, tell us about yourself? The recruiter is looking for confidence, clarity of communication, eloquence and charisma. At KES there is a great deal of verbal communication with clients and suppliers, therefore, candidate should be able to show good verbal communication skills.

Stage 2

3 test papers to be completed in 60mins:

Test Description Reason behind evaluation. How evaluation is done
Myers-Briggs Personality test 70 questions to be completed. This is done to determine what type of person the candidate is. Not a critical measure but will be used in conjunction with the other tests to determine if the person possesses the right personality traits to be the right fit for our culture
Scenarios test Scenario tests test for fit for culture, values and role. Some of the questions present on the job challenges and how the candidate answers them shows how likely they are to succeed in the position. Some of the questions are principles and value-based questions to determine if the candidate’s principles and values are in sync with the principles and values of the organization.
Aptitude Test Aptitude Test Aptitude test represents the candidate fast thinking and logical problem-solving abilities; critical attributes for one to be successful at KES

Stage 3

Group Interview

Group interview shows candidate’s assertiveness; ability to work in a diverse team; ability to stand out in a team; ability to communicate and ensure their views are heard and taken into consideration; ability to be empathetic and listen to others point of view.
KES operations are mostly team-based operations thus require someone who has the right attributes to work in diverse teams and thrive.

Stage 4

Panel interview with the functional team

This is the interview that the candidate has with the potential team mates and potential direct supervisors/ managers. This interview looks to determine if the candidate will be the right fit for the job and challenges that the functional team faces on a day to day basis. Questions are mainly structured to probe the candidate’s experience, skills and how s/he will solve given scenarios that are identical to on-the-job scenarios. Functional team defines the type of person they are looking for and the skills the person should possess. The candidate will spend a lot of time with the team, it is in the team’s best interest to hire someone who they generally like and is competent enough to be a valuable addition.

Stage 5

Panel interview with executive management

The sole purpose for any hire at KES is their ability to be developed to become part of KES leadership. In this interview Senior management is looking for the candidate’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that can allow them to be developed into a leader in the organization. Questions in this stage are more on the leadership ability and culture fit. The candidate is asked situational questions that they should answer in a way that demonstrates their leadership and entrepreneurial ability.

If you are the person we are looking for and would like to work for Kudon Engineering Services click apply and start the recruitment process